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Dr. Jasmina Selimovic Named First Female Governor of BiH Central Bank

Dr. Jasmina Selimovic has been appointed as the Governor of the Central Bank of Bosnia and Herzegovina (CBBiH), marking a historic moment as the first woman to hold this position in the nation's modern history. Her term, set for six years, was confirmed by the bank's Administrative Council.

Reflecting on her groundbreaking appointment, Governor Selimovic voiced her pride and acknowledged the significant responsibilities of her new role. She thanked both the BiH Presidency for her nomination and the CBBiH’s Governing Council for their backing.

In her new role, Governor Selimovic aims to prioritize the stability of the currency board and the overall institution. Enhancing the operational efficiency of the CBBiH is also among her primary objectives.

Dr. Selimovic steps into this role following Dr. Senad Softic. Her academic credentials include a doctorate in economic sciences, and she has been a prominent faculty member at the Sarajevo Faculty of Economics since 2004, focusing on Finance and Quantitative Economics.

Her academic journey includes postgraduate studies in Business Economics, specializing in Actuarial and Insurance, at the Sarajevo Faculty of Economics. She also completed her doctoral dissertation in the United States, specializing in actuarial science. As a full professor, Dr. Selimovic teaches various subjects, including Finance and Actuarial Science, at her alma mater.

The BiH Presidency also appointed her to a six-year term on the Administrative Council of the Central Bank of BiH, beginning 1st January 2024, as announced by the CBBiH.


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