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Bosnia and Herzegovina Begins EU Accession Talks

In a landmark move at the European Union summit in Brussels, it was decided that Bosnia and Herzegovina will commence negotiations for accession to the European Union. This decision, based on a recommendation from the European Commission, marks a significant step forward for the Balkan nation.

European Council President Charles Michel expressed his enthusiasm on the social network X, affirming Bosnia and Herzegovina’s place within the European family. “Today’s decision is a crucial step forward on your path towards the EU. The hard work must continue to ensure Bosnia and Herzegovina progresses as its people desire,” Michel stated.

The decision follows last week’s report by the European Commission, which concluded that Bosnia and Herzegovina sufficiently meets the criteria to begin the lengthy journey towards EU membership. In December 2023, EU leaders had green-lighted accession talks with Ukraine and Moldova, recognizing their substantial progress as outlined in the Commission’s November 8, 2023, expansion report. They also expressed readiness to initiate talks with Bosnia and Herzegovina once it adequately met the membership criteria.

Bosnia and Herzegovina applied for EU membership in February 2016, achieving candidate status in December 2022. This move into accession talks represents a pivotal phase in its aspirations to join the European Union, setting the stage for comprehensive negotiations in the coming years.

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