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Montenegro Revives Bar-Ancona Ferry Route, Speeding Link to Western Europe

Montenegro is set to reestablish its maritime link with Italy, with the Bar-Ancona ferry route reopening as the fastest connection to Western Europe

Montenegro’s government has announced plans to rejuvenate its maritime connection with Italy, with the ferry service between Bar and Ancona set to recommence within the year. This development follows discussions between Montenegrin Prime Minister Milojko Spajić and Adria Ferries’ chief, Alberto Rossi, signaling a significant stride in bolstering transportation links with Western Europe.

The reintroduction of the Bar-Ancona ferry route is poised to become Montenegro’s swiftest connection to Western Europe, according to the Prime Minister’s office. This move is expected to significantly enhance tourism between the two nations, with particular interest noted from residents of Northern Italy.

Alberto Rossi highlighted Ancona’s strategic importance for restarting maritime transport, emphasizing the time-saving potential of the faster ferry service, which can cover the distance in approximately 10 hours. Adria Ferries, previously operational on this route, is keen to revitalize the project, indicating a continued investment in the region’s connectivity and economic growth.

The Montenegrin government also underscored the importance of involving local companies in the venture, suggesting that collaboration with Montenegrin maritime firms could bring additional benefits to the nation’s economy. Preliminary assessments suggest that the route would be viable during the summer season, with further efforts needed to promote the service in winter months.

The meeting, attended by Italian Ambassador to Montenegro Andreina Marsela, Mauro Maja, president of the company, and director Roberto Mataloni, marks a significant step towards enhancing bilateral ties and improving transport infrastructure between Montenegro and Italy.

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