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BiH’s Trade Deficit Reaches €6.58 Billion, with Croatia as Top Import Source

In the past year, Bosnia and Herzegovina reported a substantial trade deficit of approximately 6.58 billion euros, according to the Indirect Taxation Authority.

The nation saw imports totaling around 15.27 billion euros, significantly outpacing its exports, which stood at about 8.70 billion euros.

Croatia was the primary source of imports to Bosnia and Herzegovina in 2023, accounting for goods valued at approximately 2.99 billion euros. Serbia and Germany followed, with imports from these countries amounting to around 1.99 billion euros and 1.37 billion euros, respectively. Additionally, Bosnia and Herzegovina imported products from Switzerland and Italy worth about 1.22 billion euros and 1.12 billion euros, respectively.

On the export front, Germany was the leading destination, receiving goods worth around 1.38 billion euros from Bosnia and Herzegovina. The country also exported significantly to Croatia and Serbia, with values of approximately 1.31 billion euros and 1.02 billion euros, respectively. Austria and Slovenia were other notable export destinations, receiving around 867 million euros and 745 million euros worth of goods, respectively.

The year 2023 saw Bosnia and Herzegovina importing mainly mineral fuels, oils, and distillation products, totaling around 2.14 billion euros. The nation also imported substantial amounts of nuclear reactors, boilers, machinery, mechanical appliances, and vehicles, valued at approximately 1.33 billion euros and 1.17 billion euros, respectively. The top exports were similar to its largest imports, with mineral fuels and oils leading at around 816 million euros, followed by electrical machinery, equipment, and sound and television recording apparatus and parts, valued at approximately 714 million euros.

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