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Major Land Acquisition Paves Way for Bihać Airport Expansion

Bihać Airport successfully completes a crucial land expropriation process, compensating property owners and securing 520,000 square meters for expansion, backed by government funding and pending legislative changes for operational permits.

In a landmark move for its expansion, the Public Enterprise Bihać Airport has completed a significant land expropriation process, involving compensation payments totaling 1,081,582.80 KM to property owners. This crucial step, part of the airport’s development plan, marks the successful negotiation and agreement for land ownership transfer with various stakeholders.

Responding to Bihać Airport’s public call, about 60% of landowners engaged in the agreement process, leading to settlements in 32% of the cases. These agreements primarily concerned properties that were free from legal disputes and accurately registered in both the cadastre and land registry.

The financial support for this phase of the project was secured by the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina Government, which allocated the necessary funds in 2022. Following the completion of these agreements, Bihać Airport now possesses around 520,000 square meters of land, suitable for the development of essential infrastructure. An additional area of 160,000 square meters will serve as a protective buffer zone, aligning with the initial phase of the aeronautical study.

Looking ahead, Bihać Airport’s development hinges on a crucial legislative amendment. An initiative is underway to modify national laws to simplify the process of obtaining operational permits for airports in Bosnia and Herzegovina, a step that could significantly impact the future trajectory of Bihać Airport.

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