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Montenegro Moves to Ban “Euro 4” Car Imports for Environmental Safety

Montenegro's Ministry of Transport is set to introduce a new regulation banning the import of "Euro 4" standard cars. 

This move is aimed at enhancing road safety and environmental protection. The ministry plans to implement these changes in 2024, elevating the minimum emission standard to “Euro 5”.

Currently, the imported “Euro 4” standard vehicles, which are predominantly over 15 years old, have been identified as detrimental to both road safety and the environment. As per the new regulation, outlined by Filip Radulović’s department to “Vijesti”, the import of vehicles older than 2009 will be mostly affected. This corresponds with the year the “Euro 5” standard came into effect in the EU.

The “Euro” emission standards, established by the EU in the 1990s, set legal emission limits for vehicles, gradually tightening over the years. In Montenegro, new car imports must comply with the “Euro 6” standard, while used cars are currently allowed under the “Euro 4” standard.

The impending ban will not impact the use of “Euro 4” vehicles already imported, provided they meet registration criteria.

The shift to the “Euro 5” standard signifies a significant environmental step, reducing the permissible carbon monoxide emission from 1.14 grams to 1 gram per kilometer. This change is in line with Montenegro’s ongoing efforts to curb air pollution, considering that under the “Euro 1” standard, vehicles could emit up to 13 grams of carbon monoxide, a key air contaminant.

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