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Emonika: A Hungarian Vision Reshapes Ljubljana’s Horizon

OTP Real Estate Investment Fund's Mendota Invest is set to transform Ljubljana's cityscape with the groundbreaking 'Emonika' project, a comprehensive commercial center that represents the Hungarian investor's largest foray into Slovenia, blending residential, office, and retail spaces with hospitality to create a vibrant urban hub

In a significant development that promises to redefine Ljubljana’s architectural and economic landscape, Hungarian-backed Mendota Invest, operating under the aegis of the OTP Real Estate Investment Fund, has announced the impending commencement of a monumental commercial project in Slovenia’s capital. Dubbed ‘Emonika’, the venture, with a budget exceeding EUR 350 million, is set to break ground in March, following the acquisition of the requisite construction permits.

Positioned adjacent to the forthcoming Ljubljana passenger center, Emonika is poised to emerge as a multifaceted urban marvel, encapsulating a residential complex housing 187 apartments, a 15,000 square meter expanse of office space, and a towering office edifice destined to become Ljubljana’s tallest. The project’s commercial allure is further enhanced by a shopping center comprising 80 stores and a duo of hotels, including a three-star facility with over 180 rooms and a more luxurious counterpart boasting over 200 rooms and suites.

This ambitious project unfolds in tandem with the construction of the new passenger center, an endeavor undertaken by distinct entities with the state at the helm of the railway terminal’s development and Slovenian Railways steering the new bus station’s construction. The Ljubljana city council is concurrently spearheading a significant upgrade of the surrounding road and utility infrastructure, underscoring the project’s comprehensive urban integration.

Sándor Csányi, CEO of OTP Group, emphasized the project’s emblematic significance to the Group’s investment portfolio in Slovenia, heralding Emonika as a testament to OTP’s commitment to the Slovenian society and its unwavering faith in the nation’s economic prospects. Csányi envisions the project as a landmark contribution to Ljubljana’s urban fabric and the Slovenian real estate market at large, marking a historic pinnacle in the complexity and scale of commercial real estate endeavors within the Slovenian capital.

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