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Connecting The Adriatic And The World

As a reliable and flexible provider of telecommunications and IT services operating in Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, North Macedonia and Serbia, the AKTON Group has its own telecommunications network connected within a single system

The AKTON Group network was actually created to connect this region with the world. AKTON Group interconnections in Vienna, Frankfurt, Sofia and Milan provide a connection betweem local companies and their headquarters or branches anywhere around the world.

Founded as the AKTON company in Ljubljana back in 1991, thanks to international private capital and the founder’s bold vision it has grown from a local start-up enterprise to become today’s renowned AKTON Group, which has expanded its operations to five countries of the Adriatic region through its subsidiaries to become an international telecommunications operator and provider of IT services. Maintaining a local presence enables excellent familiarity with the market, while AKTON’s services are adapted to the needs of clients around the region.

The group’s main objective is to satisfy users, which isn’t quite so simple in today’s competitive environment. That’s why the AKTON Group is focused on providing value-added services, all with the aim of coming up with solutions that provide a winning combination between quality and service. Particular attention is paid to monitoring the quality of services and products within the framework of the AKTON Group, as evidenced by the ISO standards that the company possesses. This company also pays special attention to the environment, various interest groups in humanitarian fields, but also the population itself, which is why the AKTON Group has donated to humanitarian causes in difficult times over the last decade, in response to earthquakes, floods and other disasters that have hit the countries where it operates.

The AKTON company represents one of the largest providers of telecommunications and IT services for business users operating in the Adriatic region

In terms of organisation, the AKTON Group thinks outside the box, with the aim of finding better and more efficient solutions. The AKTON Group has earned a ranking at the very top of telecommunications operators and IT service providers around the region by creating services that differ from those of other operators, particlarly in terms of providing swift and effective responses to every user request, implementing services quickly and efficiently, as well as maintaining professional relations with each user. AKTON’s exclusive focus on results led to it expanding its presence to the global market and becoming one of the most popular telecommunications operators when it comes to SMS and Voice services.

Japanense company Rakuten has also recognised the AKTON Group for its trustworthiness and integrity. With the inclusion in its portfolio of the Viber SMS services for business users, the AKTON Group has become Rakuten’s largest partner in the Adriatic region. Local offices provide all interested users with internet services, including colocation and hosting services, at their data centres. Thanks to partnership with the world’s largest telecommunication operators, AKTON is able to provide one of the best international connection services in the region.

AKTON is this year celebrating its 20th anniversary in the Republic of Serbia. As an integral part of the AKTON Group, AKTON Belgrade has worked together with the head office in Ljubljana and country offices in Zagreb, Skopje and Sarajevo to create a portfolio of over 5,000 active users. Joint success across the AKTON Group has enabled the development of completely new services, such as system integration and IT managed services that are implemented by AKTON’s highly motivated professionals.

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