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Slunj Crowned Top Rural Destination by UN World Tourism Organisation

The UN World Tourism Organisation has recently named Slunj as the top rural destination globally, standing out among 260 candidates from 60 countries. 

This picturesque town, known for its enchanting waterfalls, mills, pristine nature, and vibrant local gastronomy, has evolved into a tourism hotspot. 

With less than 15,000 residents, tourism is the cornerstone of Slunj’s growth. The town’s unique charm and high-quality offerings have captured the hearts of tourists worldwide, attracting around 100,000 visitors annually. 

While the majority are Germans and locals, there’s a growing number of American tourists discovering Slunj’s beauty. This recognition follows Slunj’s previous accolade as the most hospitable destination in 2018, highlighting its continuous appeal in the tourism sector.

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