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Slovenia, Hungary, and Croatia Tighten Borders Amid European Security Concerns

Slovenia announced that it will implement border inspections with its neighbors, Hungary and Croatia, following Italy's choice to do likewise with Slovenia due to rising security worries linked to Middle East disturbances.

The Slovenian government declared that these border measures will commence on Saturday 21st October and persist for a minimum of 10 days. On 18th October, Italy confirmed it would pause its open-border pact with Slovenia, starting the same Saturday and lasting the identical duration.

These actions underscore heightened security anxieties in Europe as a result of the ongoing conflict between Israel and Hamas. European Union interior ministers deliberated about how best to address the repercussions of this conflict on the 27-member union, especially after a petrol bomb attack on a synagogue in Berlin and tragic incidents in Belgium and France involving presumed Islamic radicals.

EU Home Affairs Commissioner, Ylva Johansson, in Luxembourg, commented that the commission is examining the topic of internal border inspections, terming it as a significant challenge for the Schengen region.

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