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Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina Sign €14 Million Cross-Border Cooperation Programme

In Sarajevo, Tanja Miščević, the Minister for European Integration, and Elvira Habota, the Director of the Directorate for European Integration of Bosnia and Herzegovina, have signed a financial agreement for the new IPA 3 Cross-Border Cooperation Programme between Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina for the period 2021-2027.

With the signing of this agreement, an additional 14 million euros funded by the European Union has been made available for projects under this cross-border collaboration. The pertinent ministry announced that the support will focus on empowering youth and fostering their employment opportunities. Additionally, the funds will aid in enhancing tourist capacities and developing a joint tourism offering between the two countries.

This programme marks a significant step in strengthening ties and cooperation between Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina. It aims to address some key challenges faced by both nations, particularly in terms of youth employment and tourism development. The programme is expected to create new opportunities for young people in both countries, offering them paths to professional growth and employment. 

Moreover, the initiative will also contribute to boosting the tourism sector. By improving tourist infrastructure and creating a unified tourism package, the programme seeks to attract more visitors to the region, thereby enhancing economic growth and cultural exchange. 

This cross-border cooperation underlines the continued commitment of both Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina to work collaboratively towards mutual development goals, leveraging European Union support to achieve significant strides in regional development and integration.

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