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North Macedonia Eyes Major Wind Park Investment Amid Energy Transition

North Macedonia is poised to make a significant leap in its energy sector with the announcement of a new wind park, set to generate about one-fifth of the nation's total electricity production

The initiative marks one of the first major foreign investments under the incoming government, led by Prime Minister-designate Hristijan Mickoski.

Located between Karbinci, Štip, and Radoviš, the wind park project aims to produce approximately 1 TWh of electricity annually, spotlighting the government’s push toward renewable energy in a region still largely dependent on traditional sources.

Mickoski, speaking at the 7th Macedonian Energy Forum, highlighted that while the transition to renewable energy is crucial, it poses significant financial and logistical challenges. He stressed that the transformation would be a lengthy and costly endeavor, requiring substantial international support.

The energy transition’s social implications, particularly for the workforce in existing coal-fired power plants, remain a pressing concern. Mickoski noted that over 4,000 families are reliant on the country’s thermal power plants for their livelihoods, underscoring the need for a carefully managed shift to protect these communities.

The new government plans to prioritize energy efficiency and further integration into European energy markets. This includes the completion of a gas interconnector with Greece, which U.S. Ambassador Angela Aggeler said would end North Macedonia’s reliance on Russian energy supplies and facilitate a smoother transition from coal.

This ambitious project not only underscores North Macedonia’s commitment to sustainable development but also highlights the broader regional shift towards greener energy solutions.

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