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Underwater Christmas Tree Tradition Continues at Ohrid’s Bay of Bones

For the 19th consecutive year, divers from the “Amfora” diving center have brought a unique festive spirit to the Bay of Bones in Ohrid by decorating a Christmas tree underwater. 

This extraordinary tradition, blending the spirit of the holidays with the allure of the underwater world, serves as an unconventional New Year and Christmas greeting to the citizens of Macedonia.

The submerged Christmas tree, adorned with waterproof ornaments and lights, presents a spectacular sight for both locals and tourists. This tradition started nearly two decades ago and has since become a highly anticipated event in the region. The divers, equipped with their gear and festive decorations, dive into the chilly waters each year to set up the tree, showcasing a blend of bravery and festive cheer.

This underwater Christmas tree not only adds to the holiday atmosphere but also serves as a unique attraction within the Bay of Bones museum. The museum, known for its prehistoric pile dwellings and rich history, draws numerous visitors annually. During the New Year holidays, the underwater tree adds an extra layer of charm and intrigue, attracting more visitors to the museum and the region.

The Bay of Bones, a reconstructed prehistoric settlement on Ohrid Lake, provides a perfect backdrop for this unusual holiday celebration. The initiative by the “Amfora” diving center highlights the center’s commitment to adding vibrancy and creativity to local traditions. It also emphasizes the importance of Ohrid’s cultural and historical heritage, showcasing it in a novel and enchanting way.

As the underwater Christmas tree lights up the depths of Ohrid Lake, it stands as a testament to the enduring spirit of the holidays and the creativity of the local community in celebrating this festive season.

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