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Zoran Andjelković Appointed as New Director of Serbian Post

Zoran Andjelković has been named the new acting director of Pošta Srbije, heralding a new chapter for the Serbian postal service

In a notable shift within the echelons of Serbian public service, Zoran Andjelković has been elevated to the position of acting director of Pošta Srbije, as officially declared in the Government Gazette. 

This appointment, sanctioned by the Serbian government, marks a significant transition at the helm of the national postal service, coinciding with the dismissal of the previous interim director, Zoran Djordjević.

His professional journey commenced amidst the retail hustle of Robna Kuća Beograd in Varvarin, eventually steering him towards media entrepreneurship as the founder of Radio S.

Andjelković, a native of Varvarin born in 1958, has charted a distinguished path from the classrooms of his local primary school to the halls of the Faculty of Economics in Belgrade, where he acquired his academic laurels. 

With a seasoned tenure as chairman of the Board of Directors for JP “Železnice Srbije” (Serbian Railways) since 2008, Andjelković brings a storied tapestry of leadership and insight to his new stewardship of Serbian Post, promising a fresh chapter of innovation and growth.

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