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Von der Leyen Advocates for Kosovo-Serbia Dialogue and Relations Normalization

During her official visit to Pristina this past Monday, Ursula von der Leyen, the President of the European Commission, took the opportunity to address the ongoing Kosovo-Serbia dialogue, emphasising the need to normalise relations between the neighbouring nations.

Highlighting a forward-thinking stance, von der Leyen urged Kosovo to initiate the process concerning the implementation of the Association. Concurrently, she extended a firm invitation to Serbia, encouraging the nation to undertake tangible measures towards recognising Kosovo. 

“Kosovo is invited to commence the Association’s implementation procedure, whereas Serbia must embrace a de-facto recognition. This remains the sole pathway ahead,” remarked the EC President.

Additionally, von der Leyen intimated that during her forthcoming visit to Belgrade—part of her Balkan tour—the same recognition plea will resonate. “In Serbia too, our discussions will encompass the steps necessary for its de-facto recognition,” she affirmed.

Von der Leyen also didn’t hesitate to denounce the recent violent episode in Banjska perpetrated by Serbian paramilitary forces. Reflecting on the tragic events of September 24, she articulated, “We vehemently denounce the assaults and extend our heartfelt condolences to the families, acquaintances, and comrades of the slain officer. Such violence is utterly inexcusable, and the culprits must undoubtedly face the rigours of justice.”

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