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Novi Grad Sarajevo Leads in Economic Activity Amongst Bosnian Municipalities

According to recent data released by the Tax Administration of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Novi Grad Sarajevo stands out as the municipality with the highest economic activity.

Based on two distinct metrics, Novi Grad Sarajevo holds an unparalleled position in the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina, as attested by the Mayor, Semir Efendić.

Efendić elaborated that the first indicator is the total revenue recorded through fiscal devices. In the first nine months of this year, Novi Grad witnessed a turnover of 3.6 billion KM, a surge of 300 million or 9.03% compared to the previous year. In contrast, the overall growth in the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina stood at 6.9%, indicating Novi Grad’s performance surpasses the average.

The second metric relates to the number of employees based on their place of residence. With 42,614 employed individuals, Novi Grad Sarajevo significantly overshadows other municipalities. This statistic speaks volumes about the workforce’s competitiveness and the percentage of the working-age population. For context, the subsequent local community in terms of employed residents is the city of Tuzla, trailing by about 10,000 at 31,964, followed by Mostar with 31,241 – both of which have a population similar to Novi Grad Sarajevo.

Intriguingly, Efendić noted, “Our municipality boasts more employed inhabitants than five out of the ten cantons in the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina.”

A third data point highlighted by the Tax Administration is the number of employees based on the employer’s headquarters. Here, Novi Grad Sarajevo ranks fourth with 31,598 employees, preceded by Centar municipality, Tuzla, and Mostar.

Efendić remarked, “It’s essential to underscore that municipalities/cities, which are the seats of the cantons, record all employees working in cantonal institutions based on the employer’s headquarters. For instance, all individuals employed in sectors such as healthcare, education, or police who might reside and work in our municipality are nevertheless registered under Centar municipality.”

The precise economic activity data monitored by the Tax Administration of FBiH is a testament to the collective effort of business entities and state administration at all tiers.

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