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Andrija Mandić Takes Helm as Montenegro’s Assembly President

In a pivotal move, Andrija Mandić, at the forefront of the New Serbian Democracy, has clinched the role of President of the Montenegro Assembly, gathering support from 49 parliamentarians.

Following his appointment, Mandić pledged allegiance and voiced a fervent hope for national reconciliation. He also unveiled plans for a comprehensive census slated for 30th November and gave assurances on filling key judicial positions, including the Chief Public Prosecutor and slots in the Judicial Council.

Highlighting the essence of unity, Mandić stated, “In addressing our varied perspectives, we’re laying the groundwork for Montenegro’s collective welfare. Our decision to conduct a census reflects our commitment to collaborative decision-making.”

Mandić drew attention to the Assembly’s pivotal role in Montenegrin governance and the nation’s anticipation of a formidable democratic mandate.

“Today’s vote is a testament to a united parliamentary vision,” he said, underscoring the urgency of Montenegro’s European integration and a steadfast commitment to progression.

“In our political realm, the compass must point towards truth and justice, veering away from self-serving agendas,” Mandić reflected. “My tenure, grounded in years of political experience, is committed to one overriding objective: reconciliation.”

He further elaborated on the essence of inclusivity, “Being Serbian, a believer, and affiliated with the Serbian Orthodox Church doesn’t make me an outsider. This land is a testament to our shared histories and belongs to every Montenegrin, regardless of creed or origin. We are, intrinsically, brethren of this land,” he affirmed, ending with a prayerful note, “May my actions be guided by divine grace.”

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