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Rimac Energy Sparks Green Revolution with New UK Tech Hub

Rimac Energy ignites the future of clean technology, opening a cutting-edge facility in Oxfordshire to pioneer advanced battery systems

In a significant boost to the UK’s green tech sector, Rimac Energy, the Croatian trailblazer in battery energy storage systems (BESS), has inaugurated a sprawling new facility in Witney, Oxfordshire. Spanning 1,850 square metres, this centre of innovation is set to become the crucible for the next wave of advanced BESS, heralding a new chapter in sustainable technology development.

Nestled in the heart of England, the Oxfordshire site is more than just a factory; it’s a beacon of future possibilities, poised to generate over 70 high-skilled positions. Engineers, technicians, and researchers will find a fertile ground for crafting tomorrow’s clean energy solutions, reinforcing the region’s status as a tech powerhouse.

The new facility in Oxfordshire, UK

Rimac Energy’s investment is a vibrant testament to its dedication to the clean energy crusade and a nod to the seamless synergy between its Croatian roots and British operations. Wasim Sarwar Dilov, the company’s Director, expressed enthusiasm about the expansion, noting the UK’s storied history of technological leadership. “Expanding our presence here aligns with our mission to foster the Croatia-UK partnership, invigorate the local economy, and harness the exceptional engineering talent endemic to this region,” Dilov remarked.

Wasim Sarwar Dilov, Director of Rimac Energy

The company recently lifted the veil on SineStack, its latest innovation in battery storage technology. Conceived and crafted in Europe, SineStack is a shining example of Rimac Energy’s pledge to propel the clean energy movement and enhance grid stability for the coming generations.

With this strategic move, Rimac Energy is not just building a facility; it’s engineering a greener future, underpinning the UK’s journey towards a sustainable, technology-driven tomorrow.

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