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Montenegro Revamps Airports Board and Targets Sector-wide Overhaul

In a decisive move that underscored its commitment to revamping the country’s strategic sectors, Montenegro’s government today announced a comprehensive reshuffle of the Board of Directors at Montenegro Airports. The newly appointed members, Stefan Madžgalj, Lazar Bojanić, Jelena Maraš, Rado Grujičić, and Nikola Bajčetić, are set to steer the airport’s future trajectory.

This change comes on the heels of a significant shake-up, with the government dismissing the previous board members, including Eldin Dobardžić and Kemal Purišić, among others, signaling a fresh course for the aviation sector.

Furthering its agenda, the government proposed new directorates for several key entities, including the Bar Marina and Montenegrin Shipping. For Bar Marina, Slađana Perišić, Dragutin Durutović, Isidor Filipović, and Đorđije Pavićević have been recommended to lead, with Dino Tutundžić appointed as the state capital representative.

In the maritime sector, changes were equally strategic. Ćazim Alković, Teodora Ostojić, Marko Maraš, and Nebojša Kaljević are the new faces for Barska Plovidba’s board, while Montenegrin Shipping will see Mladen Erić, Jovo Lazarević, Ahmet Markašević, Blaženko Ardalić, and Predrag Tomić at its helm.

Port of Bar’s directorship was not left untouched, with Nikola Vojvodić, Savo Ašanin, Dušan Masoničić, Milan Polović, and Milutin Lakićević being the chosen ones to navigate its course forward.

These sweeping changes, orchestrated under the watchful eye of the government’s appointee Dino Tutundžić, mark a significant pivot in Montenegro’s approach to corporate governance in its transportation and maritime sectors, reflecting a broader intent to inject new vigor and strategic direction into these crucial economic pillars.

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