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Mitsotakis Affirms Greece’s Stance on Kosovo* During Serbia Visit

Greek Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis reaffirmed Greece's constant position on Kosovo during his official visit to Serbia, emphasizing the importance of European-led dialogue for regional stability and bilateral relations

Greek Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis, during his official visit to Serbia, reiterated Greece’s steadfast position on Kosovo and Metohija, advocating for European mediation and dialogue as the sole avenues toward normalising relations between the two parties, thereby enhancing regional stability.

“Our stance on Kosovo remains unchanged, and we firmly believe that European mediation and dialogue are the essential pathways to normalise relations between the two sides. This would significantly contribute to the stability of the region, a goal we all share,” Mitsotakis stated at a joint press conference.

The Greek leader underscored his country’s robust support for Serbia’s European aspirations, highlighting his frequent discussions in Brussels on the topic of European enlargement, envisioning a European future for Serbia and the Western Balkans.

Mitsotakis, accompanied by four ministers and a substantial delegation from the Greek business community, expressed his intention to bolster economic ties between Serbia and Greece, particularly in the sectors of energy and transport.

Emphasising the close bond shared by the two nations, not just through geographical proximity but through shared historical journeys, Mitsotakis conveyed a sense of homecoming during his visits to Belgrade. “Every time I find myself in Belgrade, it feels like coming home. Both I and my colleagues feel exceedingly positive, witnessing the progress in our relations,” Mitsotakis concluded, reflecting on the deep-rooted connection between Serbia and Greece.

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