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EIB Fuels Croatia’s Railway Renaissance with €400M Green Investment

Croatia gears up for a green transport revolution with a €400 million EIB investment in railway modernization

In a landmark move, the European Investment Bank (EIB) has earmarked 400 million euros for Croatia’s railway sector, marking the institution’s most substantial commitment to the country since its engagement began in 1977. 

This initial tranche forms part of a broader 900 million euros financing package, setting the stage for a 2.6 billion euros overhaul aimed at rejuvenating Croatia’s railway infrastructure and rolling stock. The investment aligns with a broader European shift towards sustainable transport, seeking to mitigate road congestion, air pollution, and greenhouse gas emissions by promoting rail as a cleaner, safer alternative.

EIB Vice-President Teresa Czerwinska hailed the agreement as a pivotal moment in the EIB’s longstanding partnership with Croatia, underscoring the investment’s dual focus on decarbonizing and digitizing transport. Croatian Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Transport, Oleg Butkovic, and Finance Minister Marko Primorac both emphasized the significance of the EIB loan in complementing EU grants and national funds, reflecting a concerted effort to upgrade the country’s railway network extensively.

The projects, spearheaded by Croatia’s national railway infrastructure and passenger service operators under the Ministry of the Sea, Transport and Infrastructure’s supervision, promise a modernized, efficient, and environmentally friendly rail system. With the EIB also providing technical support and expertise through the EU’s JASPERS programme, Croatia is poised for a significant leap in its transport infrastructure, aligning with broader EU objectives for a sustainable and interconnected future.

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