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Croatia Airlines Reveals Sleek New Logo in Fleet Modernization Effort

Croatia Airlines has unveiled a sleek new logo as part of its fleet modernization, highlighting a fresh visual identity for its upcoming A220 aircraft

Croatia Airlines has unveiled a fresh new logo design, set to grace its forthcoming fleet of fifteen A220 aircraft. The first of these aircraft is slated to arrive next month. Notably, while the tail design of the airline’s livery remains untouched, the updated logo, conceptualized by the company’s Head of Corporate Design, Ivana Ivanković, represents a modernized and simplified take on the existing emblem.

The new logo features a bold typeface with a slightly darker shade than its predecessor. Designed as a dynamic element, it cleverly mimics the tail of an aircraft. This fresh visual identity will extend beyond the planes, with new cabin crew uniforms reflecting the updated design to be fully showcased soon.

“The new design, based on clear and simple forms, ensures better visibility and recognition,” the airline explained. “The tail of the aircraft is harmonised with the sign itself, becoming the most recognisable part of the company’s visual identity. The sign and logo are compositionally balanced with the Star Alliance logo, through a modern design in which the squares form the tail of the aircraft, sending a clear message. In short, the new design is fully focused on the future, while Croatia Airlines remains, according to renowned experts, one of the best brands in world aviation.”

Additionally, Croatia Airlines emphasized the importance of the national carrier’s visual identity in shaping perceptions of the country. “The design of the national airline’s visual identity is a crucial aspect of the country’s national identity. The passenger’s first interaction with the aircraft is vital as it helps form the first impression of the country.”

The carrier also took the opportunity to showcase its new cabin interiors, which will feature the standard A220 layout of two-by-three seat

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