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Croatia Airlines Launches First Flights Using Sustainable Fuel Ahead of EU Mandate

Croatia Airlines has initiated its first flights using sustainable aviation fuel (SAF), gearing up for the EU's 2025 green fuel mandate

Croatia Airlines has successfully conducted its inaugural flights using sustainable aviation fuel (SAF), aligning with upcoming European Union regulations mandating its use by 2025. The airline utilized SAF on several routes, including international flights from Zagreb to key European cities like Amsterdam, Brussels, Copenhagen, London, and Zurich, as well as domestic routes connecting Zagreb with Split, Dubrovnik, and a combined route to Pula and Zadar.

The transition to SAF comes in anticipation of the ReFuelEU Aviation Regulation, adopted by the European Parliament and Council, which will require airports and fuel suppliers to ensure a minimum of 2% of their aviation fuel is sustainable by 2025, with incremental increases planned every five years up to 70% by 2050. SAF is derived from sustainable sources including agricultural residues, waste oils, and other green resources, and can significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 60% to 80% over its lifecycle.

Croatia Airlines highlighted the seamless integration of SAF into their operations, noting that the fuel, supplied by INA, does not necessitate modifications to aircraft fuel tanks and can be utilized across their entire fleet. This initiative underscores the airline’s commitment to meeting EU environmental standards and advancing the decarbonization of its fleet.

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