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Angelina Topić Wins Silver in High Jump at European Championships

Serbian high jumper Angelina Topić claimed a silver medal at the European Championships in Rome with a final jump of 1.97 meters

At the European Championships in Rome, Serbian high jumper Angelina Topić secured a silver medal with a clearance of 1.97 metres. 

Topić, who had previously won bronze, cleared heights up to 1.95 metres effortlessly on her first tries and overcame 1.97 metres on her third attempt. Attempts at 1.99 and 2.01 metres, however, did not succeed. 

Ukrainian athlete Yaroslava Mahuchikh clinched the gold with a jump of 2.01 metres, and her fellow countrywoman Iryna Herashchenko earned the bronze with a height of 1.95 metres.

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