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Ledo Shifts Dough Production from Croatia to Serbia

The Croatian company Ledo is relocating its dough production line from Zagreb to Serbia, specifically to Frikom, which is also owned by Nomad Foods. 

The firm has offered its employees the opportunity to move to the ice cream production facility. The reason for moving the dough production line, as previously reported, is the lack of space for the €4 million worth machines that will produce King ice cream.

These machines for ice cream production will be installed next year at the site where the dough production line is currently located, Ledo announced, as reported by Hina. It was mentioned that there are currently 45 employees working on the dough production line in Zagreb, and despite the expansion of the ice cream production facility, the company is keen to retain workers if they accept new job positions.

Denis Paradiš, the president of the PPDIV union, stated that while he doesn’t dispute the owner’s right to make a business decision about relocating part of the production to Frikom, he finds it somewhat amusing that “Zagorski štrukli” will now be produced in Serbia.

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