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Digital Nomads Needed

This largely mountainous country encompassing an area of 51,209km² has a population of 3,271,000. Its GDP stands at 23.37 billion USD, or 7,083.49 USD per capita. Bosnia and Herzegovina has officially been an EU membership candidate country since December 2022.

BiH is a republic, though it doesn’t function as such. Instead of a single president, it has a Presidency consisting of three members representing each of its constituent peoples. They rotate in the position of Chairman of the Presidency every eight months. The country’s Presidency has been headed by Croat Željko Komšić since July 2023. The Council of Ministers of Bosnia and Herzegovina is the executive branch tasked with performing the duties of the government. It consists of 10 members – including nine ministers and a chairman. The Council of Ministers is currently headed by Bosnian Croat Chairwoman Borjana Krišto, a member of the Croatian Democratic Union of Bosnia and Herzegovina (HDZ BiH).

The metals industry – processing and auto parts – is the main pillar of the BiH economy, followed by the wood processing industry.

The country has great potential to attract digital nomads, who could be convinced to opt for Bosnia and Herzegovina by the low cost of living, while it is necessary to introduce administrative breaks for residence and work permits in the country. Digital nomads are mostly engaged in freelance work related to computer programming, project management, design, marketing and similar jobs.

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