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Prime Minister Edi Rama Hails Albanian Contributions in Greece

During his visit to Athens, Albanian Prime Minister Edi Rama highlighted the vital contributions of the Albanian community to Greece and celebrated the enduring ties between the two countries

During a heartfelt address to the Albanian community in Athens, Albania’s Prime Minister Edi Rama praised the significant contributions of Albanians to Greece’s economy, knowledge, and culture. Speaking at a meeting with Albanian migrants, Rama emphasized the deep historical and cultural ties between the two nations, which he described as “closer than they seem.”

“Welcome to my second home in neighboring and friendly Greece. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for this touching hospitality,” Rama began, expressing his gratitude for the warm reception. He acknowledged that his visit had sparked varied reactions in Greece, with some surprised and others upset. However, he stressed the importance of recognizing the Albanians in Greece as equal contributors to society.

Rama highlighted the longstanding connections between Albania and Greece, asserting that the histories, traditions, and lives of their people are intricately intertwined. “The streets of our homes, wars, fairy tales, our relationships have been much more connected than they let it appear. Even today, the appearance of our relations means much less than the reality, the intertwining of lives and the connection of the inseparable future paths between Albanians and Greeks,” he said.

The Prime Minister’s speech underscored the positive impact of the Albanian community in Greece, referring to them as “an added value of the economy, knowledge, and culture” in a nation that has been the cradle of philosophy and democracy for centuries. Rama’s visit and his remarks highlighted the enduring bond and shared future of Albania and Greece, beyond the confines of political relations

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