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University of Belgrade Joins CERN’s Largest Scientific Project

The University of Belgrade has become a participant in CERN's groundbreaking Future Circular Collider project, marking a significant stride in global scientific collaboration

The University of Belgrade has joined the ranks of the world’s leading scientific institutions by becoming part of CERN’s largest scientific project, following the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding in Geneva. This agreement marks the university’s entry into the Future Circular Collider (FCC) project, the next major scientific and technological venture at CERN, aiming to facilitate the participation of all members from the University of Belgrade and other Serbian scientific institutions.

The rector of the University of Belgrade, Prof. Dr. Vladan Đokić, signed the memorandum at CERN’s headquarters, with Dr. Michael Benedikt, the leader of the Future Circular Collider study, representing CERN. Đokić expressed hope for opportunities not only for researchers and engineers but also for successful Serbian companies to engage in this ambitious project, which is designed for the next generation of experts currently in secondary schools or universities.

The University of Belgrade’s involvement in the project pertains to the study and construction of parts of the colossal accelerator complex, the Future Circular Collider, with a circumference of 90 to 100 kilometers. This complex is intended for advanced experimental and theoretical research in high-energy physics, particularly particle physics.

Participating from the University of Belgrade are the Vinča Institute of Nuclear Sciences, the Institute of Physics, and the Faculty of Physics, while the Faculty of Sciences represents the University of Novi Sad. Specific teams among the 34 Serbian researchers and specialists are actively involved in the ATLAS and CMS experiments at the LHC accelerator, as well as in the ACE and NA61 experiments.

Serbian research teams are also active in nuclear physics experiments at the ISOLDE facility and in the GRID computing project, collaborating with peers from the world’s premier scientific centers and universities.

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