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Slovenian Firm NGEN to Build Major Battery Storage Facility in Germany

Slovenian battery storage firm NGEN has partnered with Germany's Uniper to build a major battery storage facility at the Heyden power station

Slovenian battery storage specialist NGEN has signed a contract with German state-owned gas giant Uniper to construct a significant storage facility at the Heyden power station in Petershagen. The 50 MW/100 MWh battery installation, valued at nearly €50 million, is expected to be operational by 2025.

NGEN, which employs 120 people and operates in ten European countries, is making its entry into the German market with this project. The company also has plans for new projects in Poland, Italy, Portugal, and Croatia.

At a press conference held at the company headquarters in Žirovnica, north of Bled, on 4 June, NGEN director Roman Bernard discussed the ambitious projects, noting that they are being financed with the company’s own funds. Bernard highlighted that the Petershagen facility is just the beginning, with more deals with Uniper anticipated over the next three years. Additionally, NGEN is in discussions with other German energy companies.

Germany, Europe’s largest economy, faces the challenge of storing electricity generated from its extensive wind farms to sell when prices are favourable. NGEN’s new facility aims to address this need, contributing to the stability and efficiency of the country’s energy market.

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