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Podravka Unveils New Brand Identity, Distinguishing Corporate and Product Logos

Croatian conglomerate Podravka has revealed a major rebranding, introducing a distinct separation between its corporate and product logos for the first time. 

This move is part of an overarching strategy to modernize the visual identity of Podravka Group, aiming to bolster its business goals both domestically and internationally.

The company’s ambitious objectives include maintaining its leadership in local and regional markets and expanding its presence across Central and Western Europe, as well as globally. The redesign is expected to streamline communication with consumers and stakeholders.

At the heart of the new branding is a red-colored heart symbol, a nod to Podravka’s enduring values and traditions. This symbol has been a consistent element in the company’s identity over its 75-year history.

Martina Dalić, President of Podravka’s Management Board, emphasized the significance of the redesign. “Our new visual identity is crafted to elevate our global market presence and underline the core values represented by the Podravka heart. This symbolizes our commitment to our consumers, employees, and community.” The design, developed by Croatian designers and typographers, aims to retain familiarity with existing customers while appealing to new ones.

Dalić also highlighted the role of the new corporate logo in enhancing corporate communication and clearly differentiating between the company’s various production brands. The rebranding is also seen as a platform to foster a sense of unity and culture across Podravka Group’s extensive network of trading and production companies worldwide.

Throughout its history, Podravka’s visual identity has evolved, reflecting changes in the company and market. For this latest redesign, Podravka enlisted the expertise of renowned Croatian agency Bruketa&Žinić&Grey, with typography designed by the globally recognized Marko Hrastovec.

Davor Bruketa, creative director of Bruketa&Žinić&Grey, explained that the new identity represents a strategic revision to facilitate new business opportunities. The heart symbol has been liberated from its fixed position, offering a more versatile and modern look, apt for diverse applications.

The updated corporate identity is being implemented immediately, and consumers can expect to see the new product logo on Podravka’s offerings from the second quarter of 2024.

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