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Pendarovski Eyes Second Term as North Macedonia’s President

Stevo Pendarovski, North Macedonia's President, has officially launched his bid for a second term, buoyed by a wide spectrum of support and poised for the formal backing of the ruling Social Democratic Union of Macedonia (SDSM)

Stevo Pendarovski, the incumbent President of North Macedonia, has formally declared his intent to seek a second term, positioning his bid as a “civic candidacy”. This move comes as he anticipates the official backing of the ruling Social Democratic Union of Macedonia (SDSM) imminently.

During a recent press engagement, Pendarovski highlighted the diverse support he has garnered, ranging from public figures and academics to cultural icons and ordinary citizens, some of whom are personally acquainted with him and many who are not. This wide-ranging endorsement underscores the broad appeal of his leadership.

The endorsement by the Social Democratic Union is expected to be formalized on Sunday, 3rd March, with Pendarovski also looking forward to support from several political factions allied with the SDSM. These allies have pre-emptively signaled their support and are set to offer proposals for his electoral manifesto.

Pendarovski attributes his decision to run again to a first term characterised by integrity, free from strategic blunders, corruption scandals, nepotism, or conflicts of interest. He also cited his successful handling of inter-ethnic relations as a key element of his administration, promoting internal stability and cohesion.

Asserting his autonomy from any significant political or economic influence within the country, Pendarovski expressed pride in his pivotal role in North Macedonia’s accession to NATO. With an eye on the future, he is optimistic about leading the nation into the European Union, building on the achievements of his current tenure.

Calling on the electorate for their support, Pendarovski has invited citizens to back his reelection bid with their signatures at the State Election Commission (SEC) offices starting this Sunday. His campaign is set to emphasize a commitment to continuity, national unity, and the goal of securing EU membership for North Macedonia.

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