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New Orleans Jazz Museum Hosts Exhibition on Šaban Bajramović

The New Orleans Jazz Museum has launched a exhibition celebrating the legacy of Šaban Bajramović, a distinguished Roma artist and musician from Serbia

The New Orleans Jazz Museum has unveiled a captivating exhibition dedicated to the life and work of Šaban Bajramović, a renowned Roma artist and musician from Serbia.

Titled “From Pauper to King of Roma Music,” the exhibition, which will be on display for six months, is a joint effort between the New Orleans museum and the Nišville Music Festival. Visitors are invited to explore the illustrious music career of Bajramović, delving into the inspirations behind his more than 700 songs and his decision to embrace jazz.

Šaban Bajramović, a Niš-born artist of Roma descent, recorded twenty albums and nearly fifty singles. He also starred in films such as Milan Jelić’s “Sunday Lunch,” Goran Paskaljević’s “Guardian Angel,” Stole Popov’s “Gypsy Magic,” and Emir Kusturica’s “Black Cat, White Cat”

The exhibit showcases personal items belonging to Bajramović, including records, concert posters, a documentary film about his life, and the original statue awarded by the Nišville Jazz Festival for the best combination of jazz with other genres. Additionally, attendees can listen to several of Bajramović’s famous tracks via QR codes accessible on their mobile phones.

This exhibition not only celebrates Bajramović’s monumental contributions to music but also highlights his profound impact on jazz and Roma culture.

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