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Montenegro Forms Key Petroleum Distributors Group for Sector Advancement

The Montenegrin Chamber of Commerce has officially established the Petroleum and Petroleum Products Distributors Group, marking a significant step in enhancing the sector's operational framework and regulatory environment

The Petroleum and Petroleum Products Distributors Group under the Energy and Mining Committee of the Montenegrin Chamber of Commerce convened its inaugural session, led by committee president Ivan Bulatović with support from secretary Ranko Vukmirovic.

The meeting was attended by Vice President of the Chamber of Commerce Dragan Kujovic and saw the ratification of mandates for 11 members representing companies such as Kallaba Company, Novi Gas, Avio Petrol, Euro Petrol, Dekar, Vn-Commerc, IK Real, Montenegro Bonus, Humci Bs, Ina Crna Gora, Hifa Oil, Petrol Crna Gora MNE, Jugopetrol, and LUKOIL Montenegro.

Vladimir Klikovac, Director of Development at Euro Petrol, was elected as the group’s president, with Nikola Dusevic from Novi Gas as his deputy. Klikovac expressed gratitude for his election and emphasized his commitment to maximizing the group’s contribution to improving the business environment for companies in this sector.

The group’s focus will be on aiding and supporting companies involved in the distribution of oil and oil derivatives. Key activities include participating in the development of new regulations and amendments to existing ones, formulating positions on critical issues, and organizing efficient solutions to challenges in the field.

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