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Macedonia’s Cevahir Mall in Skopje Opens with Southeast Europe’s Largest Mural

The Cevahir Mall Skopje, featuring Southeast Europe’s largest mural, recently opened in Skopje, offering a unique blend of retail and cultural experiences

The Turkish shopping center, Cevahir Mall Skopje, was inaugurated last week in Skopje, featuring the largest mural in Southeast Europe. Spanning 4,000 square meters, the mural was crafted by local artists for the community, embodying the cultural diversity and beauty of the region. Hana Muminović, the sales and leasing director at Turmak, highlighted the center’s vision to offer more than retail, including cultural and interactive activities.

Cevahir Mall is set to become a cultural hub, housing the first Concept Room gallery within a shopping center, providing a creative and exhibition space for local artists. The opening of Cevahir Mall marks the completion of the Sky City investment project in the Aerodrom municipality of Skopje, integrating residential, commercial, and business facilities. Sky City’s skyscrapers now stand as the tallest towers in the city and among the highest in the Balkans, signifying a landmark development in the area.

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