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Galenika Expands Reach with Strategic Partnerships and Investment in Innovation

Galenika has announced a strategic expansion by partnering with Cantabria Labs, enhancing its portfolio and market presence in Southeast Europe

Galenika, a prominent pharmaceutical company, has announced a significant expansion of its portfolio through a strategic partnership and an exclusive agreement with Cantabria Labs, a leading Spanish dermatological brand manufacturer.

This move grants Galenika the general distribution rights for Cantabria Labs’ premium dermocosmetics in Serbia, Montenegro, and North Macedonia. Cantabria Labs operates in 85 markets worldwide, maintaining high quality standards and products that lead their categories across Europe.

Ricardo Marques

In a robust growth trajectory, Galenika launched 25 new products in Serbia last year alone and plans to introduce 80 more in 2024. The recent acquisitions, including LifeMedic and partnerships with Italian manufacturer Pharmalife Research and now Cantabria Labs, bolster Galenika’s market position while offering consumers and patients a wide range of high-quality pharmaceutical products. “We are strategically focused on strengthening Galenika through expanding our portfolio and establishing partnerships with global manufacturers,” said Ricardo Marques, General Director of Galenika. He added that the company initiated a new investment cycle last year, focusing on expanding state-of-the-art production capacities and environmental protection, with €18.8 million invested since 2023 in developing three new factories and a complete overhaul of internal water supply systems to save water by 10%.

The company’s international presence has grown, launching products in Slovenia and Croatia and opening offices in the Czech Republic and Slovakia, with Galenika’s first products expected to hit these markets this year. Ongoing investments in digitalization, including the implementation of the SAP Analytics Cloud platform, enhance strategic and operational planning. Plans are also underway to introduce the ISO 27001 standard for information security management and to implement Digital Manufacturing platforms to further boost efficiency and productivity in manufacturing.

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