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Air Montenegro’s Board of Directors Unanimously Elects Tihomir Dragaš as Chairman

Air Montenegro has announced the unanimous election of Tihomir Dragaš as the chairman of its Board of Directors during their inaugural meeting. 

The session was attended by the Minister of Transport and Maritime Affairs, Filip Radulović, along with board members and company management.

Minister Radulović expressed satisfaction with the personal and professional composition of the new Board, believing that the members will significantly contribute to the company’s development and branding of Montenegro as a destination with great potential.

“The government’s expectation, as well as my own, is for you to dedicate your professional capacities to the service of Air Montenegro, its citizens, tourists, and the entire economy,” stated Radulović.

He also expressed confidence in the members’ competencies, anticipating numerous suggestions and solutions to challenges.

“In the second part of the meeting, Tihomir Dragaš was unanimously elected as chairman by the Board members,” the statement said.

Other board members include Vukadin Stojanović, Mitar Šušic, Aleksandra Gardaševic Slavuljica, and Danilo Popović.

“The company’s portfolio was discussed at the first meeting, addressing various operational and organizational issues, as well as projections related to the fleet, commercial plans, and financial parameters,” the announcement detailed.

The statement also mentioned that the Board’s working dynamics were established, with a unanimous commitment to intensify efforts.

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