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How Art Shapes Our Region

Transformative Threads

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How powerful is the language of art when it comes to fostering mutual connections, understanding and inspiration within the region? In which realm does its influence resonate most profoundly? Does it manifest in the realms of reconciliation, tolerance, reflections on the past, or do cultural forces within the region wield the greatest impact when it comes to shaping the future? Equally intriguing is the exploration of where this expressive language falls silent and the reasons behind those moments of silence. Numerous contributors responded to our invitation to share insights into their initiatives that are weaving the intricate fabric of the region.

Natalija Vujošević Artist, Curator Of The Centre For Contemporary Art Of Montenegro

Guardians Of The Fire

Best illustrating the power of the language of art to create connections and understanding in the region is the fact that it not only...

Senka Ibrišimbegović, Assistant Professor At The University Of Sarajevo Faculty Of Architecture

Exploring The Past, Shaping The Future

The process of developing Sarajevo’s Ars Aevi Museum of Contemporary Art was strongly motivated by the idea of creating a collection that fosters connections...

Blaž Peršin, Director Of The Museum And Galleries Of Ljubljana, MGML

Using Culture To Oppose Fear

We need the language of art today more than ever. During this time of incomprehensibly swift change, accumulated problems, wars and tensions, which are...

Blagoja Varoshanec, Museum Of Contemporary Art, Skopje

Spaces Of Freedom

The language of art is incredibly powerful when it comes to building mutual connections, understanding and inspiration in the region. Art has a unique...

Zorana Djaković, Minniti, Associate Director Of Programming At The Cultural Centre Of Belgrade

Hidden Bridges

The question is whether we are capable of overcoming the dictates of public opinion and boundaries between groups, politics and economics in order for...