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Slovenia to Vote on Future Nuclear Energy Path

Slovenia gears up for a pivotal referendum later this year, seeking public opinion on the construction of a new nuclear unit as part of its commitment to a carbon-neutral future

Slovenia has announced plans to conduct a referendum this year on the proposition of erecting a second nuclear facility to succeed the existing Krško Nuclear Power Station, set to retire in 2043. The consensus emerged from a high-level meeting convened by Prime Minister Robert Golob, uniting leaders across the political spectrum, signifying a collective stride towards a carbon-neutral future through bolstered renewable and nuclear energy avenues.

The envisaged Krško 2 project, with an estimated 10 billion euros price tag, stands as a pivotal venture for Slovenia’s energy landscape, meriting broad political and societal concurrence, as underscored by Golob. Amidst preparatory legislative and infrastructural groundwork, a concerted effort to refine the referendum’s phrasing is underway, aiming for a ballot by year-end, preferably in the latter half.

The forthcoming referendum, rooted in a governmental resolution advocating the peaceful nuclear energy utilization, is expected to garner unanimous support from all parliamentary factions, championing the nuclear option in the impending campaign.

This referendum aligns with Slovenia’s broader strategy to expedite critical project facets, notably site selection, and to initiate preliminary undertakings exceeding 100 million euros. While the definitive investment verdict awaits the 2027-2028 horizon, discussions on potential international collaborations, investment modalities, and the extent of domestic financial participation remain pending, with a diverse array of funding avenues under consideration.

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