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Dimitar Kovačevski Steps Down as North Macedonia Prepares for Interim Government

In a significant shift in North Macedonia's political landscape, Prime Minister Dimitar Kovačevski has stepped down, initiating the formation of a technical government ahead of the country's parliamentary elections

In a pivotal moment for North Macedonian politics, Prime Minister Dimitar Kovačevski submitted his resignation, delivering it personally to the nation’s parliament, the Sobranje. This resignation is a critical step in the process of forming a technical government, which is expected to be appointed by 28th January, in preparation for the parliamentary elections scheduled 100 days thereafter.

Following an agreement between the main parties of the governing coalition, SDSM and DUI, the position of Prime Minister will be taken over by Talat Džaferi, currently the President of the Sobranje, from the DUI party.

Džaferi, as announced by the president of the Sobranje, will resign from his current role after receiving Kovačevski’s resignation. This will lead to informing President Stevo Pendarovski and Džaferi’s own subsequent resignation.

Outside the Sobranje, Kovačevski addressed the press, praising Džaferi as a seasoned politician with extensive experience in parliament management. He assured that although Džaferi’s leadership style might differ, North Macedonia will continue to follow its strategic direction, focusing on Western integration and a strategic partnership with the United States.

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