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European Quality Of Life At Home

Dimitar Kovačevski, Prime Minister Of North Macedonia

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In order to provide for a better life and better living standards, we need growing economies and the improvement of democratic processes in our countries. We will only accomplish this through regional connectivity

Achieving economic recovery and development while preserving peace and strengthening stability are the greatest challenges confronting the Western Balkan region. The commitment and responsibility of local decision-makers in that process is important, as is the regional cooperation that’s stimulated by initiatives like the Berlin Process or the Open Balkan, says North Macedonian Prime Minister Dimitar Kovačevski in this interview for CorD’s Connecting the Region.

What do you consider as the biggest challenges in the region today?

― In realising the vision of democratically strong societies, the biggest challenges – alongside the maintaining of peace and security, as a path that leads to a prosperous future for the countries of the entire region – are economic development and investing in future generations.

As decision-makers, we have a responsibility to invest in better living conditions for future generations, in providing a European quality of life, but here at home. The process ahead of us means making decisions that are not always easy, but that bring a better and brighter future that depends on all of us.

It is only through responsible, committed work that we be able to provide quality, sustainable long-term solutions through which we can transform our societies into healthy, European- oriented societies with developed economies, where the rule of law and democracy will be at the highest level.

We are expected to make the following decisive step that will secure and guarantee our European future and bring positive change to the lives of all citizens, including the youth

The Republic of North Macedonia is today positioned as a country that international organisations recognise for its constructive dialogue. This comes as a result of the policy of pursuing the peaceful resolution of open issues. We are seen as a country that is ambitiously and steadfastly traversing the European integration path, recognised as a valued partner of the international community and a factor of stability across the region.

We are expected to make the following decisive step that will secure and guarantee our European future and bring positive change to the lives of all citizens, including the youth. We therefore need bold steps and wise decisions to bring European life to our countries. Our citizens, our young people, expect this from us.


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