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Delta Agrar Introduces Pesticide-Free Cherries to Market

Shoppers will soon find cherries from Delta Agrar on store shelves labeled with the prestigious "Zero Residue" certification

This certification is indicating the absence of measurable pesticide residues according to standard laboratory tests.

This achievement reflects Delta Agrar’s commitment to optimal production conditions, meticulous monitoring of fruit growth, and timely intervention with alternative protective measures, primarily of biological origin.

Fruit treated with pesticides, under strictly controlled conditions, undergoes this process in early stages, ensuring that no residues remain on the fruit at harvest time.

Zoran Đogić, a fruit production technologist from Delta Agrar’s plantation in Zaječar, explains that pesticide-free production is highly advanced, resulting in richer and healthier yields.

“We have invested in modern plantations equipped with special nets to prevent contact between the fruit and insects, thereby reducing the incidence of diseases typically treated with pesticides in conventional farming. Additionally, a protective film over the orchards shields the plants from rain, which can also cause disease. The trees are irrigated using a drip method, and we have established a successful system for promoting pollination and protecting against frost. All these measures minimize the risk of pests and diseases, significantly reducing the need for pesticides. We have been producing apples under this concept for four years. Last year, we tested it with cherries on a trial plot of three hectares with excellent results, leading to a significant increase in production this year. The harvest is just beginning, and the yield is outstanding by all metrics,” Đogić notes.

Delta Agrar has successfully implemented the zero pesticide residue concept on two cherry varieties, “Regina” and “Kordia.” The orchard producing these certified cherries spans 10 hectares.

This innovation by Delta Agrar sets a new standard in the agricultural sector, showcasing the potential for sustainable and health-conscious fruit production.

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