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American-Slovenian Club Launched in Washington to Boost Business Ties

Washington D.C. has witnessed the inauguration of the American-Slovenian Club (ASC), a pioneering business club aimed at assisting enterprises seeking to penetrate the markets of the United States, Canada, and Mexico.

The Slovenian Ambassador to the US, Iztok Mirošič, in a statement to the Slovenian Press Agency, highlighted the significant interest among Slovenian companies in accessing the North American market. “The American market offers immense opportunities, yet firms must navigate various entry barriers,” Mirošič remarked, underscoring the embassy’s commitment to supporting this inaugural private club in Washington.

The initiative for establishing the club originated from Saša Mrak Hendrickson, the former leader of the Slovenian Manager Association, who will also steer its operations. The Slovenian embassy is set to provide the venue for the club’s meetings and events.

Founding members of the club include notable figures such as Bojan Škoda, Alenka Zavašnik, Dejan Spasovski, Matic Vizjak, Mihael Cigler, Tina Slabe, and Urša Magajne Prepeluh. The formation of the ASC is seen as a strategic move to fortify business relationships and facilitate smoother market entry for companies venturing into the vast North American landscape.

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