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Pushing The Boundaries Of Technology

Epson was founded 80 years ago and has since grown to become a company that’s renowned worldwide, with products that are effective and well-known in every corner of the world. When it comes to the implementing of sustainable development principles, Epson has ranked among the top 1% of companies worldwide for the last three years consecutively

Epson is a company that invests approximately 1.14 million euros in research and development every single day, which reflects just how important innovation is to the company, while it also invests more than 770 million euros in sustainable innovation and its commitment to become carbon negative and underground resource free by 2050. And we wish them every success in this endeavour.

The Epson Group has 85 companies worldwide, comprising 81,000 employees, while it is also ranked among the top 100 global tech leaders and the most innovative companies in the world… The numbers are impressive…

As a technology company that originated in Japan, we value the convergence of tradition and innovation. This is what essentially sets Epson apart from other brands in the industry.

Following the philosophy of carefully developing devices based on our own technology, we have invested years of research to develop technology that has no negative impacts on our environment. I am pleased to say that, for the third year in a row, we received the EcoVadis Platinum rating that places us among the top 1% of companies around the entire world when it comes to implementing the principles of sustainable development.

You are a trusted company thanks to your commitment to providing true value through innovative and creative solutions, while you also take a unique approach to sustainable processes through all production stages. You always seem to know what the customer wants and needs, but how do you manage to unify quality, price and sustainability?

Sho Sho Sei and monozukuri. Our spirit of creativity, along with our commitment to monozukuri [meaning the art and science of manufacturing] has enabled the delivery of Sho Sho Sei (meaning efficient, compact and precise) characteristics to our core technologies and products, These two Japanese philosophies underpin how Epson runs its product development and reflects Epson’s lean production techniques. Each day, we invest about 1.14 million euros in research and development, as a reflection of how important innovation is to the company, and more than 770 million euros in sustainable innovation and towards becoming carbon negative and underground resource free by 2050.

But we don’t just meet customers’ demands. We go beyond expectations to create products and services that surprise and inspire people, provide for their fundamental needs and are as sustainable as possible throughout their lifecycles. When it comes to choosing technology, embracing sustainability has for far too long been a trade-off with costs for most businesses. But we have been pushing the boundaries of technology to make both synonymous with one another. We are committed to helping businesses push towards a more sustainable future even when navigating the current financial uncertainty.

From the very inception of the company, and particularly today, you have remained committed to reducing the environmental impact of your products. Do you constantly develop new ways of satisfying environmental standards?

Our aim is to achieve sustainability and enrich communities. Whether that means choosing where our supplies come from, phasing out unsafe chemicals, or ensuring that we are always innovating so that our technology drives energy efficiency, we are committed to being a force for good. Our inkjet printers use our pioneering heat-free inkjet technology. Compared with traditional laser printing, inkjet generates far less energy, because it doesn’t require heat in the printing process. We provide solutions that support sustainability and protect vital resources, including PaperLab, an in-office water-free secure paper recycler, WorkForce business printers that use Epson’s Heat-Free and Micro Piezo Technology that increases productivity, saves energy, minimises waste and CO2 emissions, saves time and reduces maintenance needs.

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