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SPIRIT Slovenia Business Development Agency Maintains Interim Leadership with Rok Capl

In a strategic move to ensure stability, the Slovenian government has extended Rok Capl's interim leadership of SPIRIT Slovenia Business Development Agency amidst ongoing efforts to secure a permanent director

The Slovenian government has reaffirmed Rok Capl‘s role as the acting head of SPIRIT Slovenia Business Development Agency, extending his interim leadership for a second time. This decision, arrived at during a correspondence session, perpetuates Capl’s tenure, which began on 12 February of the previous year following the departure of Tomaž Kostanjevec.

The extension of Capl’s mandate, initially instated at the outset of last year and subsequently lengthened in August, is now set to continue until a definitive director is chosen, with an absolute deadline of 11 August. This development reflects the agency’s ongoing challenges in finalizing a permanent leadership appointment, a situation compounded by an inconclusive public tender in 2022 for the director’s role.

Rok Capl and Nataša Pirc Musar, President of Slovenia

The Ministry of Economic Development, Tourism, and Sports, in remarks released after the meeting, pointed to the delayed appointment of a new director as a crucial reason behind Capl’s continued interim appointment. The ministry cited the recent appointment of a new board for SPIRIT Slovenia Business Development Agency for a forthcoming five-year term as a reason for postponing the public tender for a new director to January of this year.

Given the announcement of the directorial position on 20 January and the brief 15-day deadline for submissions, the tight timeframe has led the agency’s council to propose Capl’s reappointment to ensure seamless leadership continuity. This decision to extend Capl’s interim role underscores the government’s cautious approach in upholding the agency’s operational continuity while the quest for a lasting director unfolds, marking a phase of stable transition for SPIRIT Slovenia Business Development Agency amidst its leadership search.

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