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Serbia and Montenegro Ink £7.1m Cross-border Partnership Backed by EU

Serbia and Montenegro have signed a new £7.1 million cross-border collaboration initiative, financially supported by the European Union under the IPA III financial framework for 2021-2027.

The agreement prioritizes projects aimed at enhancing employment opportunities and social rights, upgrading health and social institutions, and promoting tourism, cultural heritage, and nature conservation. The pact was endorsed by Emanuele Giaufret, EU Ambassador to Serbia, Milena Žižić, State Secretary of Montenegro’s European Affairs Ministry, and Tanja Miščević, Serbia’s Minister for European Integration.

Ambassador Giaufret commented on the signing: “Today’s agreement, benefiting from EU funds, underscores the EU’s commitment to bolstering unity, progress, and addressing key challenges like public health, employment, and the preservation of rich cultural legacies.”

He further highlighted the significance of such collaborative projects, emphasizing their role in fostering stronger ties among neighboring nations. “They are a testament to the EU’s dedication to a united, prosperous, and peaceful Europe,” Giaufret concluded.

The EU delegation stated that cross-border cooperation provides a structured framework for management and decentralization, offering flexibility in aid application. 

The IPA establishes a firm link between budgetary and strategic enlargement aspects, outlining what aid recipient countries can anticipate, provided they meet requisite conditions.

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