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Saudi Arabia to Build Cruise Ship for 50,000 Passengers and 25,000 Cars

Saudi Arabia’s Al-Othaim Investment has announced the construction of an unprecedented cruise ship, Al-Othaim Cruise Hail, designed to accommodate 50,000 passengers and 25,000 cars.

Local media reports highlight that this floating city will feature a five-star hotel, a shopping mall, 276 residential units, and 16 luxury villas.

Spanning a total area of 77,000 square meters, the cruise ship will boast 120 rooms and 156 suites, alongside commercial spaces covering over 9,000 square meters across six floors. The company has also revealed plans to employ 4,000 young Saudi men and women, underscoring its commitment to local workforce development.

With its remarkable capacity and comprehensive amenities, the Al-Othaim Cruise Hail is set to redefine luxury sea travel, offering an experience akin to a small city’s vibrancy and convenience.

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