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Rare Great Northern Diver Spotted for the First Time in Serbia near Sokobanja

The Society for the Protection and Study of Birds of Serbia announced that their ornithologists discovered a new bird species in Serbia, the Great Northern Diver (Gavia immer), near Sokobanja.

During regular field activities, our colleagues, ornithologists Slobodan Marković and Danilo Penić, visited Lake Bovan near Sokobanja yesterday. To their great delight, they were fortunate to photograph for the first time in Serbia and thus confirm the presence of the Great Northern Diver,” the Society for the Protection and Study of Birds of Serbia reported.

The statement mentioned that the photographed Great Northern Diver was in its winter plumage. This species nests in the far north of Europe and spends the winter along the coasts of the sea and large lakes in Western and Northern Europe.

In the Balkans, it is a very rare migrant during the winter months.

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