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Nepali Workers Top Foreign Employment Surge in Croatia’s Labor Market Shift

Croatia is experiencing a significant rise in foreign workers, with Nepali nationals now leading the influx due to the ongoing labor shortage

Croatia is witnessing an unprecedented influx of foreign workers, with Nepali nationals leading the charge, as employers grapple with a domestic labor shortage. According to data from the Croatian Ministry of Interior, a total of 32,725 work and residence permits were issued in the first two months of this year, with the construction and tourism sectors being the primary recipients.

In a notable shift, Nepali workers have overtaken those from Bosnia and Herzegovina and Serbia, with 7,038 permits issued to Nepali citizens, followed by 6,039 to Bosnians and 3,317 to Serbians. This trend highlights the changing dynamics of Croatia’s labor market, which traditionally relied heavily on workers from neighboring Balkan countries.

Split, Hrvatska

The construction industry, followed by tourism and hospitality, continues to dominate the demand for foreign labor. The labor market in Bosnia and Herzegovina is also affected, as workers migrate to countries like Germany, Croatia, and Slovenia, leading to increased reliance on workers from Turkey, Bangladesh, India, and the Philippines to fill the void, particularly in construction and manufacturing sectors.

The shift in the nationalities of foreign workers in Croatia underscores the broader regional labor market changes and the growing significance of South Asian workers in filling European labor shortages.

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