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Golubac Welcomes First Wind Farm in Eastern Serbia

Golubac witnesses a historic moment with the inauguration of the 'Krivača' wind farm, marking Eastern Serbia's first foray into renewable energy

In a momentous event attended by Prime Minister Miloš Vučević, Minister of Mining and Energy Dubravka Đedović Handanović, and Slovenian Ambassador to Serbia Damjan Bergant, the “Krivača” wind farm, Eastern Serbia’s inaugural wind park, was ceremoniously inaugurated in Golubac.

The wind farm, with a capacity of 105 megawatts and featuring 22 wind turbines, is poised to generate 310 gigawatt-hours of clean energy annually.

This collaborative venture between MK Group, a Serbian conglomerate, and Alfi Renewables, a Slovenian company, represents a significant step in Serbia’s energy transition, with an investment totaling €165 million

This sustainable output is equivalent to meeting the electricity needs of 75,000 households, underscoring the pivotal role of renewable energy in Serbia’s future energy landscape.

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