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Slovenia Honours Four Business Innovators

In a ceremony celebrating the pillars of Slovenia's economic landscape, the Chamber of Commerce and Industry (GZS) distinguished four business innovators with its esteemed annual awards

In a nod to Slovenia’s entrepreneurial spirit, the Chamber of Commerce and Industry (GZS) awarded its prestigious annual accolades to four distinguished business leaders on March 5th. The laureates, Janko Koprivec of Siliko, Robert Medle of Roletarstvo Medle, Milan Košeljnik of Kolding, and Dragan Mešič of Megras, were recognized for their remarkable contributions to their respective fields.

Janko Koprivec

Since 1969, the GZS awards have spotlighted the acumen and achievements of nearly 400 Slovenian executives. This year’s recipients epitomize the innovation and resilience that have become hallmarks of the nation’s industrial landscape.

Robert Medle

Koprivec’s Siliko, a pioneer in elastomer and thermoplastic components, has flourished into a global supplier, boasting a workforce of nearly 600 and revenues hitting €105 million. The firm’s keen insight and partnership in automotive development underscore its pivotal role in future industry trends.

Dragan Mešič

Medle’s stewardship of the family-founded Roletarstvo Medle has seen it burgeon from a modest team of 50 to 200 employees, with revenues soaring to €43 million. The company’s growth is attributed to a strategic blend of investment and product development, underlining Medle’s effective leadership.

Milan Košeljnik

Kolding, under Košeljnik, has withstood geopolitical upheavals, including the loss of its main market following the Ukraine crisis. Yet, the firm’s agility has led to a diversification of its market base and a commendable 25% boost in exports, highlighting its resilience in adversity.

Megras, led by Mešič, has demonstrated remarkable stability and growth, refining its niche in the flanges sector. Its innovative collaborations have not only cemented its status in traditional markets but also paved the way for expansion into new territories.

These awards reflect the dynamism and adaptability that characterize Slovenia’s business landscape, heralding a bright future for the nation’s industry.

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